Walking in my purpose & being fabulous while I do it!

Fashion has always been my heart and shop1323 is my baby! But recently God whispered a new promise to my heart...empowering & encouraging women by telling my story. My first speaking is rapidly approaching! I'm hosting a women's empowerment brunch called the BO$$ B*!ch Power Talk on Sunday, July 12th. 

As I prepare to deliver my message to a group of dynamic women, I've had several breakthroughs or ah ha moments! It's crazy how God works, especially when you seek him. The most important breakthrough was the realization that my journey to greatness began a LONG ASS TIME AGO! This is so deep to me because I kept thinking that the adversity I faced in my marriage birthed this journey.

The truth is my marriage and the pain felt from it were a very small part of my journey to greatness. My message today is that your problem is as big as YOU make it.  Don't allow outside influences or the devil to put a magnifying glass on your pain. I had to experience this to share it but I pray you're able to learn from my walk.

Stay tuned for my next event on August 8th at JoJo's Dozen, VISUALIZE YOUR DREAMS!



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