EMPOWERMENT | The Mindset of a Successful Person!

In my pursuit to perfect my craft as a lifestyle coach and workshop I've done a lot of research on successful people. And I've listened to countless podcasts. The common thread that I've found amongst successful people is their mindset.


So what is the mindset of a successful person? Here are 5 TIPS to having a successful mindset:

1. Positive Thoughts: successful people are committed to dwelling only on those things which are positive. They do not stop to think about the negative. This takes practice for most of us! When the negative thoughts pop in your head (notice I said when) you have to have the mental strength to focus on something else.

2. Positive Words: Do not tear yourself down or speak defeat. A successful mindset requires you to commit to affirming words.

3.  Control your emotions: You can't fall into every emotion. Spending too much time sad, mad or even celebrating too long can hold you back.

4. Choosing to commit no matter what the obstacle: Things will always come up. Your car will break down, your kid will catch a cold, your husband will do something CRAZY but you still have to commit to winning. DO NOT let these occurrences hinder from moving forward. 

5. Finding opportunity in every situation: Things won't always go as planned. But finding the silver lining is key! Plenty people have built wealth out of failure.

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