Turn Your Closet into Your Costume !

For #TheGirlontheRise
Turn your closet into a costume
Halloween can be quite  impractical. You go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on a costume you only get to wear once a year. I mean when else are you bringing out the hot pink tutu or the leather cat suit ?#LadiesWhoShop1323 can still go out and enjoy their Halloween and also buy a costume that will integrate fabulously into their wardrobe.

The key is not to take the costume to literal. Pick a theme or person to serve as your inspiration and go from there. We chose Beyonce because we love her style-- really who doesn’t love Queen Bey?


The American flag hot pants are reminiscent of a recent ad Beyonce did for Beat Magazine.We choose a cute Beyoncé quoted tee to help emphasize our inspiration. To add a little extra drama we chose a sexy pearl bralette and layered on the accessories. The sequin clutch just adds an extra sparkle of fun! Did I mention gunmetal is the new black ?


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